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  It was almost...easy...Tadashi continually offered to have Baymax scan you. Which of course you shot down.

 But you did it, you made it through the weeks of morning sickness and strange cravings, cucumbers with peanut butter sauce to be wash down with cup of black coffee with a dash of lemon juice. This baby was already hating you. Course you only gave into your cravings when others weren't looking. But finally today was the final check up.

  "(Name), I believe the term is good to go. A week ago, we were a little touch and go but now?! I don't think I've ever seen a healthier 3 month fetus." He grinned, one stress was simply replaced with another, how were you to tell Tadashi?

  That's how you found yourself in Hiro/Tadashi's shared room that afternoon.

  "Hiro!? What are you doing here?" you stuttered.

  "Uumm, my room?" Aunt Cass took Dashi to the hospital, his ribs were bugging him a little last night." The sadness dripping from his voice. After everything Tadashi still was more worried about Hiro and yourself before anything else of course that meant his own recovery was extremely slow.

 "Hey we're all fine, Tadashi's gonna be just fine." You weren't sure if you were trying to convince him or yourself more. You held him in a hug for a few moments before you say his screen.

 "Are you going bot fighting again?"

 "What?" Looking back. "Oh no,no,no, I swear (Name). This stup-OW!" When he had picked up Megabot the bottom half had fallen on his foot.

  "Oh my god Hiro are you ok?" You had lean down to look when you heard something inflating, Looking back there was Baymax, trying to get around Tadashi's bed.

 "Hello I am Baymax, Your personal health-care robot."

  The next few minutes you couldn't stop laughing, especially when Baymax mentioned Puberty to Hiro. All of a sudden a wave of nausea hit you forcing you to sit down, you weren't even aware of anything Hiro said until you heard the monotone response of "Scan Complete". Before you could stop him Baymax started naming off your symptoms.

  "You have strong wave of Nausea, commonly linked to fever however you also show menstrual irregularities uncommon for one you age, if we conclude that the nausea is actually morning sickness Diagnoses: Pregnancy".

   You were mortified, he just told your boyfriend's younger brother you were pregnant.

 "Wait..wh..wha!? How is that possible?!" Hiro asked seeming to try and find the right words.

 "Hiro, the mating rituals of huma-"

  "Stop, stop, stop Baymax, I'll take it from here!"

  "Why didn't Dashi say anything?!"

  "Because he doesn't know yet."


 "Hiro, I will explain everything but i need you to calm down." Hiro took a deep breath, then you dove in and explained everything to him. At the end of it all you thought you might have broken him. "Hiro?"

 "Your gonna tell him, Right?!" You nodded. Hugging you he let out a laugh. "I wanna see Tadashi's face when he finds out." The two of you sat in silence until you both heard something tapping under his bed. Both of you looked underneath.

 "What's wrong?"

 "It's my microbot, it supposed to be attracted to the others but that's impossible, they were all destroyed." He turned back to his Megabot. You had stop listening after that because you couldn't believe how messy it was under his bed. You had crawled under and starting cleaning cursing your cousin's cleanliness on your obsession with cleaning.

 "Baymax? Baymax!" You heard the screeching down on the street, hitting your head as our crawled out.
 "Ow, what happened?" Baymax was no where in sight.

 "Baymax is AWOL and Tadashi's gonna kill me!!"

  You and Hiro chased Baymax finally stopping outside an old warehouse. You finally looked and saw that the microbot was trying to go inside.

  "There is a window."

 No matter how much you protest neither Baymax nor Hiro allowed you into the building, saying since you were pregnant. "Guys, panic too much, my mom did Parkour while she was pregnant!!!" You yelled frustrated. You finally felt a little better that was until you heard Hiro trying to get Baymax to break the door down. "Hiro, Baymax wasn't made for damage."

 "Thanks for the memo!" Voice fading until finally Hiro was dangling from Baymax's leg.


  Letting out a gasp as the two fell but you were ultimately relieved that Baymax caught him!

 "Come on!"

 "Hiro, What happened?"

 "Someone stole my Microbots!!"

o-o o-o o-o

 Once Hiro tried and failed to explain everything to the police, you two had your hands full getting Baymax home. As you waited with Baymax in the garage you couldn't help but let your mind wander back to the reason you had come over that day. How were you going to tell Tadashi?

 What if he got mad? What if he didn't wanna see you anymore, what if you destroyed Wasabi and Tadashi's friendship?


 "Aaah!! Don't do that Hiro!

 "Sorry, but....I need your help to catch this guy."
(Tadashi X Reader) Somebody's World. Part 4
  Part 4 i hope its not too rushed
   You could feel your heart in your throat. The pained look in his eyes was almost too much. While you hadn't lied to him, you hadn't told him the truth.

  Closing your eyes and turned away. He would call Amelia, she would take you to the Embassy and there you would stay until it was time to return to the Moon. You waited a minute, two, three minutes went by and still you were meet with silence.

  Finally turning back to Hiro, he was still simply staring at you but this time with a goofy grin.

 o-o o-o o-o

  Hiro looked at her, he knew he should text Tadashi and tell him where they were but even now, even knowing she was a princess, he remembered back in high school how secluded he was for simply being younger then everyone, this girl must have a very strict life because of all her responsibilities. He realized why she emphasized people simply calling her (Name). finally she turned back to him.

  "Your not going to call Amelia?"

  "You know, for a moment, I thought I should." She flinched as he said it. "But the I remembered, I did promise a princess a tour of the city. I think it would give Big Hero a bad rep if I broke that, wouldn't you agree, (Name)?

 He...he used your name?! He didn't say your highness or your majesty but just your name. You felt tears well up in your eyes.

 "Whoa, what did I say?"

 "I...I'm so...sorry *hiccup* your still calling me my name." After hearing this Hiro sighed before a grin appeared on his face.

 "Sorry, to tell you this but even if you are a princess, I don't really believe in using titles, so i guess your stuck with (Name), Your Majesty!" Giving a over enthusiastic bow and poorly done English accent.

  You giggled quickly wiping the tears from your eyes, you looked at him. "I realize that we will have to call them sooner or later but could we see a few more things before we do?" He looked at you shocked. Sure he knew that he'd have to but he wasn't thinking about it then. This girl is to prone to having to solve all problems on her own.

 "Of course!" His fingers quickly danced across his phone sending out two messages before sticking it back in his pocket and grabbed her hand.

 "What did you do?"

 "Probably just caused Tadashi and Amelia a heart attack."

o-o o-o o-o

  Amelia had hung over Tadashi's shoulder waiting for Hiro to texted him back.

  "Why is it taking so long?"  Amelia stressed. The woman had explained how after the passing of the king she had watch over (Name), her cousin was ruling as Regent, until her time came to take over.
 Tadashi heard the bing of his phone, quickly opening his text, he saw one word.


  If Amelia had been stressed before she was now in a full state of panic.

   "So? SO?! She is to be a queen soon and he simply answers So!" Tadashi was about to calm her down when another bing came from the phone.

  "I understand, but I also made a promise to her, I'll text you where you can pick us up by sunset." Leave it to Hiro to make a promise and use it as reason.

 "No,no, he doesn't understand the ramifications of what he's doing!!"

 "Ok, you keep saying that but your not giving us anything to go on, what could possibly happen?" Wasabi sighed. Amelia glared at him but he refused to back down, finally Amelia submitted.

 "Her Majesty, (Name) is pre-coding. At birth, like every other Lunar her coding is read and it tells us of her future, she will either rule as a feather or rule with an iron fist, with which at her request should this happen she is to be put down.

o-o o-o o-o

  Hiro had shown you so many interesting things though so far ice cream was becoming your favorite. You had picked (Fav I,C) Ice cream at random and it was one of the most amazing things you had ever tasted, you could help but wonder about Hiro's, you were sure what kind it was though he told you it was covered in gummy bears.

  The two of you had been walking down a street when something caught you eye. There stood a man with his arms stretched out wide and a blindfold on. You looked down at the sign beside him.

  I trust you, Hug me. Turning back to Hiro.

 "I'm not familiar with this custom?"

 "Cause it isn't one, the city is so full of crime, people tend to get caught up in the attitude that they forget how to treat people. My guess is this guy is trying to prove people are good." You watched as person after person walked passed him not even batting him an eyelash. Some looked like they wanted to but were too scared to start the trend.

  Before Hiro could stop you, you walked up to the man and gave him a hug. You stayed like that for a few moments before releasing him. Though he couldn't see you he looked down towards your general area.

  "Thank you."

  When you turn around you noticed a few people had stopped to look. You wondered back to Hiro. Before he could as you the point you looked at him and said "Watch".

 For the next 30 minutes you watched the large group accumulate around him. One at a time, some in groups went up and hugged him.

  Finally Hiro and you walked away as the grew even larger.
  "Why did you do that?"

 "I could tell the guy had hope for here, I was just the stepping stone." Hiro looked at you and for a moment saw the inner queen that you were to become. He noticed as you stared towards the sky and noticed that it was starting to turn orange....that's when it hit him. He had one last thing to show you.

  "Come on."
(Hiro X Reader) A Whole New World Part 4
  Whoa i feel like im on such a role with these stories. I got the inspiration for the Trust and Hug after watching this…
  "I'm pregnant?!" How was that even possible? You flinched when you thought back to about 2 months prior, Tadashi had surprised you with a trip to a lake just outta the city, even got a cabin on the water. Things had just went a little too far.

  "I'm....I'm sorry for having you find out this way."

 "No, no do..don't be doc. I'm just..." You wrapped your arms around your stomach. This was yours and Tadashi's baby.

 "Ms.(L.Name), do you know who the father is?" You nodded. The doctor looked at you a moment as if realizing something. "Is it Mr.Hamada?" You paused a moment before nodding once more. "Then why don't we roll you over to his room to give him the great news?" You wanted to tell Tadashi but you remembered something from your childhood.


  Ten year old (Name) had just arrived home from school, she had been on her way to her room when she heard a sniffle from the kitchen, it was her mother sitting at the island, her hands covering her face.

 "Mama, what's wrong?" Her mother jumped, looking at her a moment she seem to contemplate whether or not she should tell her. Before finally kneeling down to her level.

  "(Name) remember when Mama and Daddy told you, you were gonna have a younger brother or sister?" She nodded, she was still deciding whether she wanted a younger sibling or not.

  "We..well sweetheart. Mama just got told by the doctor..." Tears welled up in her already blood shot eyes. "That she lost the baby." (Name) scrunched up her eyebrows, how do you loss a baby? She placed a hand on her mother's stomach. She could see all the numbers but she still couldn't understand it.  "Mama, needs you to listen really well, ok?" She looked once more into her eyes. "Mama's family has a condition, it's early term toxemia, it causes mommy's to have miscarriage more likely in the first trimester, but when a baby like you is strong enough to make it through the first trimester, there's no doubt they'll come into this world, always remember that."
    *End Flashback*</i>

  Your parents relationship had went down hill after she told your dad, it was part of the reason you were more then willing to go live with Wasabai in San Fransokyo. To get away from the awkwardness.

  "No doc, I...I can't...I have early term Toxemia, my mom told me." The Doctor gave her an understanding smile.

 "I understand, your about 2 months along and since this your first, you shouldn't start showing for another month or two but I think once your through the first you should at least tell the father." You gave him a gentle nod. "Now let's go see Mr. Hamada."

o-o o-o o-o

   Before you even could enter Tadashi's room Wasabi hugged you for a good 10 minutes apologizing profusely for not being there when you woke up. GoGo explained he had been kicked out of the room after an incident involving your heart monitor, a nurse and his OCD.
  "I won't ask..." You were quite thankful that your cousin hadn't been there because he couldn't keep a secret, even if it meant everything would be in it's place for the rest of his days.

  Your friends finally allowed you to wheeled into Tadashi's room only for Hiro and Aunt Cass to cling to you.

   "Thank goodness, your alright, that was extremely reckless of you, but thank you." Aunt Cass spat out almost too quick for you to keep up. Hiro just hung onto you as if you would disappear, you could feel him quivering.

  "I'm fine, Doctor said my ears will ring from time to time and that i'll need to come in for weekly check ups for a while but other then that,...I'm gonna be just fine." You looked over at Tadashi, he was smiling back at you from his place on the hospital bed. He sat awkwardly and most likely uncomfortably, due to his bruised ribs. His fractured wrist was wrapped and in a sling.

  "Hey Gorgeous." was all he said, his voice had cracked. You rolled to the side of his bed and handed him a glass of water. "Thanks." He croaked. He look slightly sadden and you knew the look he was worried about you and Hiro more then himself.

 "Geez Babe, What have we learn?" Emphasizing his position on the bed. He chuckled.

 "Don't go running into a burning building?"

 "Good, then I forgive you." All four of you laughed, they all needed it. Tadashi blamed himself, Hiro was blaming himself for not stopping Hiro. It was neither of their faults and they just need to accept it.

 "Are you sure, everything is alright?" You sighed as he asked you it. "I mean, it was me being stupid and reckless that got the two for you hu..." Silencing him with a kiss. His tender lips were cold against your own, though they warmed up rather quickly as his cheeks flushed.

 "You talk too much." Everything would be fine, how hard could it be to hide for a month?
(Tadashi X Reader) Somebody's World. Part 3
  I'm really sorry how short this chapter is, next chapter will be much longer.
  " see San Fransokyo Institute of Technology." Hiro tried to hid the grin on his face.
   "I think the can be arranged."
  o-o o-o o-o

  Tadashi knew Hiro did a lot of stupid things, the kid used to bot fight for goodness sake but anything else kid had done this took the cake for Dumbest idea!! In the seconds it took him to see the wheels turn in his young brother's head, he had been crushed by Baymax.

 "Oh no." Baymax sighed in his monotone voice. When Tadashi finally got out from under Baymax, he quickly realized two things. 1)Hiro was gone and 2) more importantly, (Name) The Lunar delegate was also missing!?

   "Oh, Hiro what have you done?" He muttered to himself. Crawling out of the car he turn to help Amelia out and boy was she fuming.

  "How dare a member of your team, kidnap the delegate!! This is treason!" Ok now she crossed a line.

 "Whoa, please calm yourself, Hiro is just a kid and he wasn't kidnapping her, it wasn't any treason! He saw a kid his own age that wanted to explore. He just wanted to give her the tour she deserves of the city." Amelia's eyes flickered sadly but it was quickly replaced with irritation.

 "You must understand, yes she may be the same age as Hiro but she has responsibility, the connecting if Earth to the Moon lays on her shoulders." Geez no pressure. "And what of her coding?" She muttered under her breath.

 Coding? Shaking it off, he took out his phone, Hiro was in the Lucky Cat Cafe.

 "How are we going to find them?" Amelia asked frustrated. Tadashi was about to mention the tracker when her thought of what Amelia said. The moment they find her, she won't be leaving the embassy until it's time to return to the Moon... The things he did for his little brother.

  "I'll try calling my Aunt, Hiro might have taken her to the shop." Dialing his Aunt.

   "Tadashi, how's everything going? Did you get to meet the delegate? Is Hiro behaving himself?" He cringed at the last question.
   "Hey Aunt Cass...uh listen, I need you to check if Hiro's there, the delegate was younger then we though and Hiro may have run off with her..." The line went silent for a moment before Tadashi heard the distinct panic yell of Hiro.

  "What?! Why *Chomp* Hiro!!" Tadashi heard the phone slam and his aunt was now stress eating. Turning back to everyone.
  "My Aunt's not sure she's gonna check, we need to change anyway.."

    Tadashi check his phone once more, the dot of Hiro's super suit but the one in a pair of his socks (Hiro for some reason thought the trackers were in his hoodie) was on the move. He texted his Aunt to let her know they were almost there.
   *On the way to shop, Traffic, get them outta there*

   Thanks to the traffic, took the cars much longer to get to the shop. Before the car even stopped Amelia had jumped out and ran into the shop.

  "Lady (Name), Lady (Name)!!" Tadashi ran in to see Aunt Cass cleaning tables, it was in between rushes, in fact, his aunt was the only one there.

  "I'm sorry, who might you be?"

  "Aunt Cass, this is Amelia, Liaison to the Lunar Delegate." He answered back, he hadn't noticed one of the guards loop around to the back until he was coming back down stairs with (Name)'s robe. He turned to see his Aunt stress eating already on her third doughnut.

  "Wo..would you all care for a doughnut?"

  "No, what I would like is to find Lady (Name), before it's too late!!"

  "Too Late? Come on their fourteen years old, don't worry I'm sure Hiro will have his date back before curfew." GoGo snapped her gum.

  "You fools, Her Majesty's coding is at stake! All because Hiro saw her as nothing but a "kid his own age." Amelia clamped her hand over her mouth. The team's jaws dropped for the second time that day.

  "Her Majesty!?"

o-o o-o o-o

    You couldn't believe it you were in the Robotics labs of SFIT! When you had told him, that you read about robotics he seemed quite shocked. Finally he wanted to show you his lab.

  "Aren't you my age?" Unlocking the door he look to you. with his big brown eyes looking deep into you own eyes. You could tell he had heard it numerous times.

  "Yes and you happen to be a delegate from the Moon who came to Earth to unify the two in harmony."

 "...Excellent point." You didn't to tell him that you were more then just a delegate, your were actually princess you of the largest Lunar Kingdom on the Moon and to take over from you cousin who was acting as Regent till the time of your re-coding. Hiro was the first one to address you as something other then Your highness or your majesty, and you wanted to treasure it, even if it didn't last. There wads just something about him...

   "And welcome to my lab!" He emphasized with his hands, as you had expected it was a mess. Boxes of robot parts and tools lay scattered on many surfaces, yet you could tell it was the lab of someone who had deep care and connection with robotics.

  "This is my computer, where i design all my geniu-AAAAhhh!!" He had tried to slide his chair  when a wheel had hit a random bolt and toppling over with Hiro in tow. You rushed behind his desk.

  "Are you alright?" You cringed. Hiro lay with his arms crossed across his chest looking up.

  "That was not sick." He answered. You couldn't help it, the way he said it and the bored look on his face. You burst into a fit of Laughter.

 o-o o-o o-o

  Hiro felt his face redden and his heart beat faster, her laughter just made her that much cuter. She finally took a deep breath and wipe the tears forming in the corners of her eyes. When she opened them the (2nd F/c) tint in her (e/c) eyes was extremely promanite, that he couldn't help staring into them. She stared back. There was nothing but silence between them as Hiro got up and close the distance between them. He leaned in placing his hands on her upper arms, his eyes began to close and following suit she closed her own and leaned in closer to him, he could feel her breath dance across his lips.

  "Hiro! You in there?" He quickly broke away, had they almost? He felt his own cheeks redden and could see it reflecting off (Name)'s cheeks too. His door open to reveal Ann from his Physics class.

  "Oh sorry, I didn't mean to intruded!" She looked to (Name) and smiled. Turning back to Hiro. "It's nothing big, I'll ask you about it later." As the door closed. "Have fun." The two quickly glanced at one and other before averting their eyes. Hiro was so happy Baymax wasn't there to tell them that their hearts were beating irregularly fast. Yet he felt it had only been awkward because of the intrusion. He looked around his lab, before feeling stupid. He almost kissed a girl for the first time in his messy lab. She probably thought horrible of him. He need somewhere romantic.

Hiro cleared his throat before starting. "Now that I've shown you SFIT, I wanna show you something special."

 o-o o-o o-o

  Hiro had covered your eyes as you had gotten close to your location, your heart was still pounding, Hiro had tried ti kiss you and you had wanted to kiss him back. Your lips had been so close that you felt the heat of his breath on them.

  "Ok, we're here." Removing his hands from your eyes, the air in your lungs vanished. A river flowed under the Japanese style bridge just on the other side of the bridge stood a large cherry blossom tree, the way it had grown it lean over the river and shaded the center of the bridge.

  "Hiro, it's beautiful..Oh" The wind picked up, scattering the petal across the bridge. Rushing ahead you didn't notice Hiro's phone vibrate, The falling petals kissed your uncovered skin before falling in a circle around you; smiling you turned back to Hiro. Maybe he was going to try kissing you again but he worn a frown mixed with a look of disbelief mixed in, You could only guess, Amelia had told the team and now Hiro knew.

  "Your a Queen?!"
(Hiro X Reader) A Whole New World Part 3
   So this one is gonna be a bit shorter then i thought, instead of doing 4 more chapters i know what i'm going to do, and i think you guys will enjoy it.


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Hey guys I wanted to mention a new story I'm writing called Shattered for the Better, it's a Persona 3/ Young Justice crossover, it follows after the Reach invasion, taking into account less people wish for the end maybe it's time for the world to meet their Messiah. It's mostly going to be Young Justice characters however there will be some memorable characters for Persona and of course Minato!! If you guys wanna give it a read here's the link…
Hope you guys enjoy!

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