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Digimon Frontier OC by Kiri711
Digimon Frontier OC
Name: Tiana Adler
Family: Mother, Step-father, half brother, half sister.
Father, Step Mother, 2 older half sisters
Legendary Warrior of Aether (Energy of Nothingness or Ghostly Plains)

(She prefers hand to hand combat but when her enemy starts using attacks she'll go all out.)

Human Spirit (Left): Chushomon (Abstract)
    Silence Plains
            This attack allows Chushomon to drag an opponent in the Aether plains, where which sight and sound become your enemy. You cannot rely on them to help you through.
    Abstract Slash
            Using her essence staff, she can gather energy (Ie. Data) around her to she can wield the feelings infused into the area to attack. This also works in reverse, after she attacks she is able to return the data to its proper form.

Beast Spirit (Center): Shinteimon (Essence)
        Fifth Element
                She is able to turn to a transparent like a spirit and choose specific area of her body to become tangible to fight.

        Aether Theory
              Creating small compact squares of energy she came aim at her opponents. and upon impact expand and essentially implode.

Bio: Tiana lived a pretty simple life with her mother, and who she believed was her father and two younger siblings. About a month before the adventure begins, Tiana is at home preparing dinner for her family when she answers the door. There standing at the door is a man claiming to be her father. When her mother arrives she sees the two talking in the doorway and Tiana just knows from her mother's face this man is truly her father. 

 Her mother request he leaves which he does, only after they agree to meet him for lunch the following day. When Tiana's "father" returns home the three sit down and tell her the truth. Tiana's mother used to be in a affair with the man at the door, after Tiana's mother told him she was pregnant he said he would leave his wife to be with her and Tiana. Only for him to cheat on her with some random woman. The man Tiana had thought had been her father her whole life, was actually the taxi driver who had taken her mother to the hospital when Tiana's mother had gone into labor.

 Tiana took the night process this and agree to meet her father for coffee. Turns out he wanted to get to know her a bit better and insisted she come stay with himself, his wife and two daughters in Japan. At first Tiana's mother was completely against it but after seeing how distant Tiana became, she agree a little time away to meet the other half of her family would do her some good. 

Tiana quickly began to dislike her father's family everything about them felt so different from her own. With her father always off at work she had to get along knowing her siblings alone. They had asked her to run to the Convenience store for them and trying to make a good impression agreed to go. She wants to get to know her dad and his family but feels conflicted to get to know him because of how she came into existence she's afraid to become close to either side.

  It was on the way back that Tiana received the text that lead her to the digital world. She decided to go for it.

Specifically looking up 
(… )


Current Residence: Howl's Castle
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite style of art: digital
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Favourite cartoon character: Basil of Baker Street & STITCH
Favorite Quotes: The hand is quicker than the eye *Whamp* But never forget the foot! (Uncle, Jackie Chan Adventures)
(More to be Added as found)
Hey guys I wanted to mention a new story I'm writing called Shattered for the Better, it's a Persona 3/ Young Justice crossover, it follows after the Reach invasion, taking into account less people wish for the end maybe it's time for the world to meet their Messiah. It's mostly going to be Young Justice characters however there will be some memorable characters for Persona and of course Minato!! If you guys wanna give it a read here's the link…
Hope you guys enjoy!

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